Can anyone be a designer?

I had a hilarious debate with designer Joe Duffy, founder of Duffy Design, about the future of design, which is featured in this month's Fast Company. Joe promised me a gift certificate for my daughter to get some designer clothes which I still haven't seen. Joe -- I'm waiting...

Great op ed piece by Gideon Rachman ("Apostles of the Blogosphere") in this morning's FT about the inanity of political bloggers. Rachman tells us that recent political bloggers include Hillary Clinton, Tory leader David Cameron, Mahmoud Ahmadi-Nejad of Iran and France's Lionel Jospin. Rachman says this represents the birth of "pooterism" -- named after Mr Pooter, "the character from Victorian fiction whose Diary of a Nobody was famous for its banality.

Exactly. The whole blogosphere is one big diary of a nobody. We are all Mr Pooters. And as a friend of Rachman told him, "blogging is over."

Usual provocative column by Peter Osnos of the Century Foundation about letter writing. Entitled "Blogs, MySpace and Flaubert", Osnos writes a defence of traditional letter writing in the face of the ubiquity of MySpace culture. He concludes that great letter writers like Martha Gellhorn would -- thank god -- not have had a MySpace page.