Banning Chatrooms

I'm on deadline with my book now, so posts will be sporadic and short (ie: just like everyone else on the blogosphere)

Great piece in the Guardian about banning MySpace, Bebo, Facebook et al in schools:

I very much approve of the Deleting Online Predators Act (DOPA) passed in the House last week.

Just a reminder on the numbers: the FBI says that almost five million kids have received sexual advances online. And that there are 50,000 predators out there, online, trying to take advantage of kids.

MySpace, of course, is against all this. Their anti DOPA petition, entitled "Save your Space", claims that:

Many of our nation's leaders are not intimately familiar with how social networking websites operate, and none of them have had computers and internet all of their life.

I should hope not. At least there are a few sane people left in the world not intimately familiar with these online dens of iniquity. And they are our representatives because they've got more important things to do than hang-out at MySpace or watch the latest hits on YouTube.