The most creative generation that ever lived

What is the most creative generation that ever lived?

Is it the generation of '68, the generation of Danny the Red, Bob Dylan and the Prague Spring? Or the 19th century Transcendalist generation of Thoreau and Emerson? Or the 5th century BC Athenian generation of Socrates and Plato?

According to Aaron Cohen, CEO of a me-too social networking site called Bolt, none of the above. Cohen says that the current generation of mashup artists and remixers, MySpace denizens and YouTubers, are the most creative generation in history:

“This is the most creative generation that ever lived,” said Aaron Cohen, chief executive of, a user-generated content site which this week ran a competition to create a cyberspace “virtual band”, sponsored by the Wendy’s hamburger chain.

I went to Bolt to check out what the most creative generation in history had been up to today. On offer on the front page was some really high culture: "Office Space meets Super Friends," "Funny Soccer Moments," "Multitasking" and "Skaterboard."

It's garbage, of course. Absolute nonsense, pathetic trivia, rubbish dredged up from the democratic depths of the Internet. I dread to think if Mr Cohen was being serious or not. Is it better that he's a flagrant liar or that he actually believes such patent rubbish?

Let me know what you think. I'll treat the winner to lunch at Wendy's which, Mr Cohen would no doubt tell us, is the best restaurant in history.