Wikipedia's rotten day

And you thought Ken Lay had a bad day.

Poor Wikipedia, caught between Lay's heart attack and suicide, had a really rotten day. At 10.06 am today, the Wikipedia entry on Lay said he died "of an apparent suicide." Then at 10.08 am, Wikipedia changed its mind, saying that the former Enron executive had died on "an apparent heart attack." Then at 11.11 am, Wikipedia reported that "the guilt of ruining so many lives finally led him to his suicide." And, a minute later, at 10.12 am, Wikipedia was back to the massive coronary.

How many times can a poor fellow -- even legendary Kenny boy -- die in a day?

Such is life on a minute-to-minute "encyclopedia" with 13,000 active unpaid writers and a responsibility to provide the world with instant truth about celebrity suicides (whoops, I meant heart-attacks).

Meanwhile, Britannica had no entry on Ken Lay, either at 10.11 am today or a few moments ago. Maybe the paid editorial staff on that encyclopedia had more serious things to do than speculate on a death that had yet to be even digested by the daily news media.