Paid placement

At least is thinking slightly differently. This video aggregation site is prepared to reward the best video artists for their work. As the NY Times reports:

The Web site, which lets people upload and watch video clips, said lastweek that it would begin charging a $14.95 monthly fee for a "pro" account and putting 80 percent of that money into a special fund. Each month the money will be distributed among the video creators, with the biggest share going to the person who attracted the most viewers.

But I would suggest a Google-style business model for me-too video aggregation sites like Given the current infestation of online videography, there is clearly more supply than demand in this market. So rather than reward the most popular creative artists, I suggest charging for visibility on Thus, just as Google makes its money by charging advertisers a few pennies for visibility on its search engine, so could do the same with videographers willing to pay to acquire audience.

After all, if attention really is the only scarce commodity in the new economy, then it makes sense to charge for it.