Keen On now On LitHub Radio!

I'm thrilled that my Keen On podcast has been selected as one of the twelve featured shows on Lithub radio - the audio channel of the world's most popular literary website. The partnership will begin this month and all my shows, including the current interview with political strategist Ian Bremmer, will be carried on the channel. Later this month, I'll be interviewing Douglas Rushkoff, the author Team Human and Ece Temelkuran, the author of How To Lose a Country. Please subscribeto the show and, if you enjoy it, leave a review. Please also suggest future guests.

My How To Fix Democracy video series continues to be a lot of fun. Recent interviews include former US Ambassador to the Czech Republic Norm Eisen and the New York Times columnist Ivan Krastev. Earlier this month, I interviewed Madeleine Albright, Tzipi Livni and Malcolm Rifkind at Albright's Aspen Ministers Forum. So a lot more great stuff to be broadcast here too.

I'm currently in Copenhagen where I'm speaking today at the Next M conference. Yesterday, I was in Aarhus kicking off Internet Week Denmark. I'm in New York City next week if anyone's around. Then, on May 23, I'll be at the AT&T Foundry in Mexico City for our first non-US Futurecast featuring the Mexican social entrepreneur Antonio Murad. So May, as always, is a crazy month.

Shame about the Arsenal, eh?

COYS tonight!!!

Futurecast returns!!

Yes, I'm thrilled that Futurecast is, indeed, back. Our first 2019 Futurecast will be next Monday evening, March 25, at Ericsson's Silicon Valley offices in Santa Clara. The event will be about edge computing and, as always, will feature Futurecast's uniquely collaborative discussion format. Please RSVP. I look forward to seeing (and hearing) all my Californian friends next week in Santa Clara to talk about the next big thing in computing.  

My How To Fix Democracy video series has now released interviews with Adrian Wooldridge of The Economist and Carol Anderson, the author of White Rage. And my Keen On podcast just released a very provocative interview about regulating Big Tech with the Financial Times columnist Rana Faroohar. Speaking of the FT, last week I was the guest on their Alphaville show, speaking to Izabella Kaminska about which Silicon Valley titan would make the best Bond villain.

As always, March is mad. I'm writing this from my second home in Frankfurt airport. I'm on my way to the UAE to speak tomorrow at the International Government Communications Forum in Sharjah. Other speakers include Larry King and the rapper Prince Ea. So it should be a fun event if you happen to find yourself in Sharjah tomorrow afternoon. Then next Thursday, March 28, I'm in Finland to speak at Next M Helsinki

Frankfurt, Sharjah, Santa Clara, Helsinki..... But me, I'm still on the road.

What's coming next?

My HOW TO FIX video series is taking me all over the world. The latest stop on the global tour is Cambridge, England, where I spoke to university politics professor David Runciman about the contemporary crisis of democracy. It's a really enlightening conversation with one of the world's most authoritative thinkers about democracy and its discontents. I promise (money back guarantee) that it will distract you from ephemera like Jeff B and his Pecker. 

My new weekly KEEN ON podcast is also nicely getting into its stride. My latest interviews are with four authors: Kenn Cukier (Big Data), David Goodhart (Road To Somewhere), Tom Baldwin (Alt, Ctrl, Delete) and Parag Khanna (The Future Is Asian). Not sure if Parag is right about this Asian future, but our feisty conversation was conducted in the very heart of Europe -  in Munich at the DLD conference. So please subscribe subscribe subscribe to KEEN ON. Once is never enough. 

My future, at least this month, will certainly be Asian. As one of the Gods of Digital and Branding, I'll be speaking at the International Advertising Association summit in the south Indian city of Cochi on February 22. The event asks: "What Is Coming Next?" Hope you'll be in Cochi to hear more. 

Springtime in NYC

I'm just back from a book tour of Singapore and Australia where the Australian newspaper ran a series of features about How To Fix The Future. My Singapore Management University Presidential lecture was also well received and I did a ton of tv and radio in both Australia and Singapore as well, particularly on the growing Facebook-crisis. 

The book continues to get a lot of media attention in the US. I particularly enjoyed this CSPAN interview with my dear friend Chris Schroeder. I liked this Mashable podcast too as well as this Click BBC show. My interview with Sonoma neighbour Leo Laporte on Triangulation is also great. And this Wikipedia interview is fun, especially since i'm described as both provocative and prescient. Blush.

There's no better place to be in the spring, of course, than New York City. And I'll be there several times between now and mid May. In the evening of April 23, I'm doing a Facebook-crisis summit with John Borthwick, Susan Crawford and Roger McNamee to launch Betaworks' amazing new studio club in the heart of NYC's Meatpacking district. On April 26, I'm keynoting the DCN Content Everywhere event. On May 2, I'm doing a How To Fix The Future panel at DLD New York. Then on May 15, I'm keynoting LUMA partners' Digital Media Summit. So very much looking forward to seeing all my NYC based friends over the next few weeks who, I trust, will guarantee me California quality weather. 

Happy Spring!